Deliberate Flooding By North Caused Havoc: Seoul

Seoul: South Korea pressed North Korea on Monday to explain a deadly surge in a river that flows across their border from the North that killed three South Koreans and left three others missing.

North Korea unleashed walls of water from one or more of its dams on Sunday, sending a flash flood roaring through the heavily armed border with South Korea and sweeping away six South Koreans, officials in Seoul said.

The North Korean ship, which was detained by the Coast Guard after a chase in Andaman and Nicobar Island, had no traces of chemical, biological, radioactive or nuclear material, two nuclear scientists said on Sunday in their final report.

The United States wants a G8 summit this week to commit $15 billion over several years for agricultural development in poor countries to fight food insecurity, according to a draft declaration seen by Reuters.

The declaration said Washington was ready to mobilize $3-4 billion and wanted other partners to match that commitment to reach the $15 billion target.

United Nations/Seoul: The United Nations Security Council on Tuesday swiftly condemned North Korea

Seoul: North Korea, defiant in the face of international condemnation of its latest nuclear test, fired two more short-range missiles off its east coast on Tuesday and accused the US of plotting against its government.

On a visit to North Korea, the Russian foreign minister, Sergey V. Lavrov, on Thursday predicted a continued stalemate in international efforts to stop the North from restarting its nuclear weapons program.

China will send five tigers as "friendship envoys" to North Korea, a provincial government website said on Thursday, even as reclusive Pyongyang declared it would restart a nuclear plant and expelled UN inspectors.

North Korea, angered by a United Nations rebuke of its recent missile launching, declared on Tuesday that it would permanently pull out of nuclear disarmament talks and restart its nuclear program. It also expelled United Nations inspectors from the country.

North Korea vowed on Tuesday to restore nuclear facilities that it had been disabling and boycott international talks on its nuclear weapons program to protest against the UN Security Council