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In the first step towards nuclear disarmament, North Korea shut down its main nuclear facility on July 14 in exchange for fuel aid. The Yongbyon nuclear facility in North Pyongan province was

Following a six-nation pact signed in Beijing on February 13, 2007, North Korea agreed to end its nuclear weapons programme in exchange for aid. North Korea has to close down its Yongbyon reactor

ASAHI SHIMBUN DAILY . Tokyo . October . 2002 Even as North Korea acknowledges its covert nuclear programme, a poll by the Tokyo-based newspaper Asahi Shimbun reveals that almost 90 per cent of

North Korea has finally acknowledged having a secret nuclear arms programme involving enriched ura

The us and South Korea are goading North Korea into complying with a provision of a 1994 nuclear agreement which calls for inspections to determine the total weapons-grade material Pyongyang

There is an urgent need to rationalise traditional medicinal systems to stop unscrupulous use

Children of war: the real casualties are the poor and the marginalised

An estimate of the global emission of mercury from anthropogenicsources in 1995 has been prepared. Major emphasis is placed onemissions from stationary combustion sources, non-ferrous metalproduction, pig iron and steel production, cement production andwaste disposal. About three quarters of the total emission,estimated to be about 1900 tonnes, was from combustion of fuels, particularly coal combustion in China, India, and South and NorthKorea. In general, the Asian countries contribute about 56% to the global emissions of mercury to the atmosphere.

North Koreans are dying at a rate that is more than 40 per cent higher than in 1994 when a series of devastating floods and famines hit the country, said Gro Harlem Brundt