The average life expectancy of people in the South and South-East Asia will rise to 75 years in less than 40 years, WHO said Monday, insisting the number of aged people over 60 years will triple by

North Korea gave details for the first time of a "weather satellite" it plans to send into orbit next month, a launch the West sees as a disguised ballistic missile test which has prompted criticis

UN chief Ban Ki-moon has appealed to eight countries, including India, to ratify the CTBT to bring the global nuclear test ban into force.

Civil nuclear cooperation will be among the major issues of discussion at the summit meeting between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Japanese counterpart Yoshihiko Noda here on Wednesday during which the two sides will also look at ways to enhance trade.

Shanghai claimed this year to be the world’s busiest container handling port. One tradable it doesn’t want mixed into the throughput figures: nuclear and radioactive items.

State-run mining giant NMDC Ltd has dropped a proposal to acquire the Erchim Tkhan — popularly known as Vinci Coal — project in Russia.

The Australian government looks set to overturn its ban on selling uranium to India after Prime Minister Julia Gillard changed sides on Tuesday and came out in support of lifting an embargo that ha

The Obama administration will hold two days of meetings with North Korea next week in a bid to resume a nuclear-disarmament process with Pyongyang that foundered in 2008.

South Korea and the United States are adamant that there will be no food relief for crisis-hit North Korea until it guarantees that all aid will reach the most needy and there is an improvement in

Meetings between the chief nuclear envoys of North and South Korea were “constructive,” negotiators said, even though the talks did not produce any breakthroughs on the longstanding impasse over th