In 1957, Ghana became the first black African nation to gain independence from European rule. As a British colony, the country was known as the Gold Coast, an unambiguous reference to its most

Safety the major casualty in mining

Underneath the sleepy suburbs of Orange, New Jersey, usa, lies a unique site in the history of labour rights and the understanding of radioactive materials. For it was in a

September saw a slew of developments giving renewed impetus to the global movement against asbestos

tce is a nonflammable, colourless liquid. It is mainly used to remove grease from metal parts. Worldwide almost 80 90 per cent of this chemical is used to degrease metals

Asbestos related litigation in the us runs into billions of dollars today. So much so that the amount is estimated to exceed the combined cost of destruction caused by 9/11 and Hurricane Andrew

As polluting asbestos units and illegal mining thrive amid lax laws, lakhs of workers become easy prey for dreaded diseases

the government has decided to put an end to the use of harmful chemicals being used to suppress dust pollution in coal mining area. This was stated by Union minister of state for environment and

China's industrial units have become death traps, as entrepreneurs on the run for a quick buck pay little heed to their workers' safety