Launch sites based at sea will offer a safer and cost effective way for the flourishing satellite industry

Garbage floating in the oceans could pose a threat to marine life. One such site is a remote group of islands in the Indian ocean, 1,500 km southwest of Jakarta, Indonesia, where the population of

Now sound waves can be used for tracking even the most elusive objects under sea

By the end of the next century, the tiny island nation of Maldives could simply disappear under the sea. An expected increase of 50 cm

Unique satellite images of the ocean floor, made available for the first time, could challenge the existing theories of the earth

Interaction between the sun and the surface waters of the world's oceans are hiking temperatures

The Indian subcontinent and Australia are moving away from each other. This is the result of the cracking up of the massive Indo- Australian crustal plate just south of the equator beneath the

THE National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the us is elated at unveiling the first scientifically satisfying map of the ocean floor. The map unveils 71 per cent of the earth that

SCIENTISTS from Britain and six other countries have 4 together in unprecedented venture to um the mysteries a world's past dim They will sail os world's largest and most techmi cally

The islands of Maldives may be lost forever under seas that continue to rise in the wake of global warming