Sprinkling powdered iron into the ocean may help reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide

An Indian scientist was part of an expedition to explore a new world on the ocean floor

Global warming reduces ability of oceans to absorb carbon dioxide, leading to more warming

a new United Nations ( un ) agency, set up primarily to resolve conflicts of the sea, has taken shape. Inaugurated mid-October in Hamburg by the un secretary general, Boutros Boutros

For the first time, scientists beheld the unusual phenomenon of the birth of an island from an undersea volcano in the Pacific ocean off Hawaii

The role of marine life in mitigating global warming takes a knocking as new findings link carbon on the ocean floor to forest fires


The Gulf waters are turning murkier day by day with illegal waste being dumped by ships in sea, mak ing it unfit for marine life. Wastes from large vessels, which sail through the Gulf or

The passing of electric current can turn metal into coral reefs. Thomas Goreau, president of the Global Coral Reef Alliance, a New York-based reef protection organisation, sparked off the idea of

Studies conducted on the Vietnamese coast reveal that mangroves are among the best defences one could put up against the ravages of the sea

The underground discharge of water and minerals to oceans is now known to be much more significant. This considerably reduces the weightage given to the contribution of rivers and streams to oceanic content