Tiny marine life could be safe from harmful effects of ozone depletion

Hurricanes, like Floyd, which lashed the eastern coast of USA in mid-September, may take a heavy toll on human settlements near the coasts, but there is good news for algae, going by the findings of

Australian scientists say ocean warming has increased rainfall over the Southern Ocean

Corals are to the oceans what tropical rainforests are to land. Known as Neptune s goblets, they are a vital link in the marine ecosystem and, in fact, store more biodiversity than the rainforests. But human activity is gobbling them up. And global warmi

Global warming is responsible for coral bleaching, say experts. And if climate change goes unchecked death of corals could mean the death knell for many marine species

Will corals that have survived Nature s occasional acts of destruction through the centuries survive 50 years of human pressure?

Not only do oceans cover more than two-thirds of the Earth's surface they play a crucial role in the

Bad news for the oceans, is bad news for the environment, the economy and humans

Illegal fishing threatens populations of the Patagonian toothfish in the Southern Ocean, challenging Australia s commitment to marine conservation

A switch in the species of phytoplankton dominating the Southern Ocean off Antarctica could accele