Because of more carbon dioxide emissions, warns new study

chernobyl and cancer: The 1986 Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident has led to higher incidence of thyroid cancer in the Republic of Belarus, according to a report published by Martin Mahoney of

Species extinction is real, and not a scare. But the solutions conservationsists provide are simplistic and even more scary

Biological process to extract minerals from ocean mineral lumps

Oceans are rising much faster near the coasts

Sixty per cent of the world's ocean area is categorised as international waters and prone to exploitation. Yet the need to safeguard fragile ecosystems in areas beyond national jurisdictions was left

new mummies: Ancient Britons

It was an experiment that sought to clear the air, but by jeopardising marine life. No wonder it encountered severe turbulence in the form of protests by global environmental groups, and had to be

Salt rich sea air sparks off rain that rinses out pollution

The Dead Sea could end up living up to its name in less than 50 years. The saltiest water body in the world may cease to exist if its surface level continues to recede at the present rate of one