Bamboo sector in Kerala is labour intensive in nature and its employment potential is very high. Value added production, skilled labour and scientific method of production will ensure profit and employment opportunities in the sector. The livelihood security of the MBDs (Marginalised Bamboo Dependents) can be enhanced and improved through increased accessibility to raw material and market, skill development and adequate sustainable institutional support.

Kerala's Cola rift A division bench of the Kerala High Court recently allowed Pepsico to begin operations in its plant in Puthussery village panhayat in Kerala's Palakkad district. In 2004, the

The first part of the paper briefly describes the geography and the socio-economic background of Plachimada. The second part analyses the legal and institutional framework applicable to the case. This part also examines how the government approached the case, which has already been presented before the Kerala High Court. The third part is an analysis of the case law.

A joint team from Hazards Centre and People

In July-August 2003, when soft-drink firms across the country were struggling to contain the impact of the discovery of pesticide residues in their products, in Kerala, Coca-Cola came under intense

In the Kerala High Court, a village panchayat loses its battle for water with Coca-Cola.

Hydel project bang next to Kerala s evergreen forest

Silent Valley, one of the few remaining tracts of undisturbed tropical evergreen forests in India, is once again testing the resolve of environmentalists and the never-say-die dam builders of Keral

A failed monsoon brings distress to Kerala; its second longest river, the Bharathapuzha, is virtually dry, and Palakkad district faces the worst drought in its history.

Judgement of the Kerala High Court in the case of Perumatty Grama Panchayat vs State of Kerala dated 16/12/2003 (Coca-Cola groundwater exploitation case).