A NEWSPAPER public relations employee, often seen among those close to Forest Minister Babanrao Pachpute during his visit here, was arrested on Saturday for allegedly poaching a spotted deer near Pench tiger reserve in the district.

Court committee stops road expansion in sanctuary THE Supreme Court appointed Central Empowered Committee (cec) has halted a road expansion project on the periphery of the Pench Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh. The National Highway Authority of India (nhai) had started cutting trees in the sanctuary for upgrading the existing highway into a four-lane one. The trees were being cut


In order to savour our natural heritage, it is high time to save it, but it is not for the Forest Departments of the states who are the custodians alone to handle this delicate business, especially due to the red tape and other pressures inherent in the govt set up and system of working where their hands are tied.

Human survival-biodiversity conservation interdependence is globally recognized and scientifically established.

This indicative plan has based on the work of field/park directors and their colleagues in the eight protected areas, and of various non-governmental organisations involved in carrying out PRA in the proposed project area.

The Pench tiger reserve is named after the Pench river which flows from north to south through the park. This river constitutes the district boundary of Seoni and Chhindwara districts of Madhya Pradesh in the upper region and state boundry with Maharashtra state in the lower region. This area became the 29th tiger reserve of India in 1992.