Henceforth Forest department will not be able to take the easy route for tree plantations by planting Akasia saplings. The Opposition during Zero Hour on Monday while questioning the government over its programme for planting saplings, suggested that department should go in for other species of trees which would be more useful.

The bicentenary of Charles Darwin's life and work reminds us that the great biodiversity on Earth underlies natural selection, selective breeding, and the biotechnologies required to provide humanity with food, fiber, fodder, and fuels.

Genetic diversity was studied among 20 common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) landraces collected from different traditional farming villages of Nilgiris District, Tamil Nadu, India, with Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA (RAPD) markers. Evaluation of genetic diversity is essential for conservation, management and to trace the hybrids.

VELLORE: A call to the students of biology to take up the study of biodiversity and bio-resources was made by K.N. Ganeshaiah, Professor in the University of Agricultural Sciences (UAS), Bangalore.

SHILLONG: The Central Government has earmarked Rs 12 lakh under the Twelfth Finance Commission for protection of Nymphaea tetragonolobus, a species of rare lotus discovered in a small pond near Smit around 20 km from the city.

In Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru, initiatives have been taken recently that raise hopes that mechanisms might be created to stop the further privatisation of knowledge and life. So far, progress has been disappointing, with fundamental problems remaining unsolved. Once again, it is up to local people to defend knowledge and biodiveristy against destruction and privatisation.

This article highlights 14 endangered species of plants of medicinal importance available in Manipur in Northeast India. The taxonomic classification, habit and habitat, parts used, active ingredients/principles, medicinal uses, threats and IUCN status of these endangered species are also given.

Recently Naga King Chili was rediscovered by the world scientific community when it was declared as the hottest chili of the world. Interestingly this particular type of chili with its unique hotness and aroma is native to the northeastern part of India, more particularly to Nagaland.

June 16: India is losing over 2,000 patents every year on traditional formulations as they were never properly documented, the Union minister for state and environment, Mr Jairam Ramesh, said here on Tuesday.

Western Ghats Task Force Chairman Ananth Hegde Ashisara said a proposal has been sent to the Union government with an appeal to utilise the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) to protect medicinal herbs in collaboration with the Forest and Horticulture departments.