The UN Conference on the Environment held in 1992 in Rio-de-Janeiro is a landmark in human efforts to keep our planet over blue. Twenty years after Rio, we are struggling to find a pathway of development which concurrently integrates the principles of ecology, economics, equity, ethics and employment. Green Economy can be defined as, "Enhancing economic growth in perpetuity without associated ecological and/or social harm.

IT IS time for us to take a hard look at our agricultural system. We are not yet reliving the food crisis of 2007-08, but food prices are surging, with global prices for wheat and maize rising by 75% and 60%, respectively, from June to December 2010.

The goal of food for all can be achieved only through sustained efforts in producing, saving and sharing foodgrains.

The Supreme Court of India has rendered great service by arousing public, professional and political concern about the co-existence of rotting grain mountains and mounting hungry mouths.

In September this year a summit will be held in New York under the auspices of the United Nations to review the progress made during the last 10 years in achieving the targets set under the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) adopted by member nations of the UN in 2000.

The goal of food for all can be achieved only through greater and integrated attention to production, procurement, preservation and public distribution.

In 2009, the world celebrated the 200th anniversary of the life and work of Charles Darwin, a transformational scientist who brought about a revolution in our understanding of evolution.

M.S. Swaminathan

THE 97TH Indian Science Congress is in session at Thiruvananthapuram (January 3 to 7, 2010), the capital of the state of Kerala.

New Delhi: Agricultural scientist M.S. Swaminathan, who was at the Copenhagen summit, on Sunday said the response of the climate change conference to the magnitude of the threat was

M.S. Swaminathan, the father of green revolution in India and a Rajya Sabha member, is in Copenhagen, along with four other members of Parliament, to keep track of India's negotiations on climate change.