This study deals with the plant diversity and effects of disturbance on two types of forest namely, Anogeissus latifolius mixed forest (700

The Western Ghats Task Force in association with the Forest Department has launched a series of programmes for conservation of areas where medicinal plants are grown.

Staff of the Forest Department, representatives of forest committees and local organisations will be involved to avoid smuggling of medicinal plants.

Shastry V. Mallady

NAGAON, March 25: The Intellectual Property Right (IPR) Cell, AAU in collaboration with Krishi Vigyan Kendra (KVK), Nagaon and Regional Agriculture Research Station (RARS), Shillongani, organized a day-long training-cum-awareness progamme on

The Seventh Traditional Food Festival reaffirmed the growing demand for traditional food items and organic products: coupled with a sustainable lifestyle. About forty thousand visitors thronged not only around the food counters, but also shopped to see different innovations and gadgets promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To find out which medicinal plants are becoming extinct and if climate change is really the only reason Civil Society spoke to DK Ved, director of the Foundation for the Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT), in Bangalore. FRLHT has done pioneering work on medicinal plants and Indian systems of medicine.

Sacred groves are (small or large) patches of vegetation of varying sizes, conserved on the basis of the religious beliefs of the community. In India 13,720 sacred groves have been identified from 19 states and named differently in various parts of India as Law lyngdhoh in Meghalaya, Kovil Kadu in Kanyakumari, Dev Bhumi in Uttarakhand, etc.

A unique festival that celebrated the diversity of brinjal was held in the heritage city of Mysore on 13 December, 2009. Called the

Agriculture in India has been a part of its rich historical tradition going back thousands of years. The fact that those who till the land and make India a leading agricultural country, the farmers, need certain protection of rights needs, to be looked into. Their efforts in conservation, improvement and preservation of various crops over the years have been commendable.

The dynamics of plant bioresources including agriculture is different in the hills from those in the plains. The agriculture and forestry are the two major land use types and play an important role in providing food and livelihood security.