Earlier thought to be plant friendly, the bumblebee actually inhibits plant reproduction

the Chaudhury Charan Singh Agricultural University in Haryana

A hybrid variety of paddy suitable for Bangladesh's environment will be developed in the next two

A group of researchers in Bangladesh have deve

Bamboo could be a potential source of green gasoline

If the current trend towards genetic uniformity in rice varities continues, our food security will be severely imperilled

Arun Kumar Badoni has taken upon himself the task of conserving medicinal and aromatic plants in the Garhwal Himalaya

The University of Agricultural Sciences in Dharwad, Karnataka, has developed two chilli varieties, GPC-82 and KDC-1. The GPC-82 is tolerant to thrips and mites and can yield 15 tonnes of green

Pollinators, small insects like bees and butterflies, animals like bats and small birds such as the hummingbird, play a big role in helping plants propagate. Their populations are declining rapidly. If they die out, so will the plants that depend on them

South Africa tries to bring cycads, plants that coexisted with the dinosaurs, back to life