A method has been developed to produce brinjal, tomato and capsicum from one plant

American scientists have found a way to give pollen grains an electrostatic charge to improve pollination. The charge attracts the pollen to plants, they say. The pollen is stored in a tank and

The crisis of pollination assumes greater significance in the face of declining numbers of species which act as useful pollinators

It IS time for rare rhododendrons to strike their roots in the native soil nearly a Century after they were sown on foreign soil by a British botanist, Ernest Wilson (1876-1930). 1 lie Royal

A high protein crop makes good economic sense

Plants of Salicornia species thrive in saline soils and can feed humans, animals and industry

The Union government is sparing no effort to ensure the finalisation of its proposed Plant Varieties Bill. Senior bureaucrats of the agriculture ministry point out that India will have to announce

INDRA VASIL was one of the first scientists to successfully manipulate wheat plants using genetic engineering techniques. Before he came in, wheat was extremely difficult to manipulate. He and his colleagues introduced a gene into wheat that rendered the

The largest collection of germplasm in the world will be handed over to the Food and Agriculture Organisation to ensure equal accessibility

SCIENTISTS of South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries have recommended exchanging the germplasm of fruit, vegetables and potatoes; trials of popular potato varieties in