The papers in the special issue on Rammanohar Lohia (EPW, 2 October 2010) did not dwell on the socialist leader’s thinking on local governance and local development, ideas which continue to be relevant today for rural development.

Inputs for the approach paper to the 12th Five Year Plan.

December 2010 witnessed the dawn of democracy in Jharkhand, which is one of the poorest and Maoist-infested tribal states of India. Polls were held on a non-party basis.

This is a  special report in Down To Earth on how the 13the Finance Commission puts three times more money in the hands of local governments to spend—at their own will.

Education and health are commonly devolved functions to sub-national governments, even in nations which have a unitary rather than a federal structure.

The implementation of decentralisation reform as embodied in the 73rd and 74th amendments of the Constitution has suffered from complete negligence. The two recent articles by Oommen and Sivaramakrishnan have highlighted the inexplicable attitudes of the finance commissions and the judiciary towards decentralisation.

Discussion in Lok Sabha on theBill further to amend the Jharkhand Panchayat Raj Act, 2001.

The Supreme Court

The newly elected panchayat representatives of Rajasthan have demanded devolution of all 29 subjects to the panchayats of the state.

The State Finance Commission, although a technical and quasijudicial constitutional entity like the Union Finance Commission, has to help local governments plan for economic development and deliver social justice and public services at the local level.