Other local associations can also manage watersheds effectively

Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people . Madhya Pradesh takes the lead

A microhydel project a day. Communities snatch the

Whether it is Asia or Europe, countries find a new mantra: decentralise and electrify

Nightmarish laws and an insensitive government keeps thousands in the dark

For the country where only 15 per cent of its population have access to electricity, Nepal has come a long way. It took 84 years to achieve power generation of 250 megawatt. And only five years to add a whopping 125 megawatt through microhydels, an incr

India with its deplorable rural roads can learn a lesson from Madagascar, which has successfully implemented a decentralised system of constructing roads

Kerala s decentralisation programme is an example of the difference a strong civil society can make

Pressured by a highly active civil society, the Kerala state government is actually giving power to the people. The decentralisation theory has been turned on its head. People get the money first, and then build the infrastructure to govern themselves. Bu

Decentralisation in Kerala is the work of a persistent civil society