This report describes and analyses human development in the State of Tripura and its constituent districts and blocks. Tripura is a State of three million persons located in the North East of India and surrounded on three sides by Bangladesh.

on april 21, 2007, the Karnataka legislative council (upper house of the legislature) passed an amendment to the state Panchayati Raj Act, 1993, to take over the role of panchayats in selecting

A significant and damaging event virtually passed unnoticed in the media

Panchayats are governments, not a keyword

There is a great push to make panchayats the fulcrum of rural development in India. But 16 years after the third tier of government was created, it has not got its due.

karnataka's decade-old plan for creating a Greater Bangalore entity has finally got a fillip with the state government's recent go-ahead for the merger of seven city municipal councils (cmcs), one

Other local associations can also manage watersheds effectively

Democracy of the people, by the people and for the people . Madhya Pradesh takes the lead

A microhydel project a day. Communities snatch the

Whether it is Asia or Europe, countries find a new mantra: decentralise and electrify