Modifying chicken to suit the palate. Is it safe?

In 1996, about 14,000 million tonnes of meat came from the chicken alone. Rare indigenous breeds are extremely hardy and provide more protein and nutrition. Research on them is the need of the hour

New international trade regulations could mean some more bad news for indigenous fowl breeds

The rare Jhabua kalamansi disappears from banquets, while the productive Nicobari thaiknet goes unnoticed

India, which gave the red jungle fowl, the mother of all poultry to the rest of the world, is now importing poultry from outside and destroying its own indigenous species. Today these unique breeds are disappearing, partly because of neglect and partly b

As the red jungle fowl started travelling across the globe, its connections to different aspects of human life also grew. It assumed the responsibility of sounding the wake-up call to humans. Because

The red jungle fowl (RJF) is one of the four jungle fowls found in the Indian subcontinent belonging to the genus Gallus, the other three being grey, Ceylon and green. It is also know as Gallus

Broiler farm litter mixed with wood shavings and poultry droppings make an excellent fuel for generating power, contends Fibrogen Ltd, a UK-based developer, builder and operator of

EVEN AS the midwestern states in USA are awash with flood waters, farmers in the southeast are contending with a severe drought and face agricultural losses that have already hit $800 million in the