The European Commission has confirmed that the bird flu virus that killed 2,600 turkeys at a farm in eastern England in the first week of February 2007 was the virulent h5n1 strain. It is for the

In a bid to contain the rising number of human bird flu deaths, Indonesian government has banned all backyard poultry in its capital Jakarta. Four Indonesians died from the disease in the first week

Over past decades, breeding objectives focused almost exclusively on performance: yearly egg production, milk yields, milk fat content, and growth rates. Efforts were concentrated on only a handful of breeds of cattle, pig and chicken. Substantial production increases were thus achieved

This paper seeks to capture the dynamics of the industry over the more recent past.

South Korea has begun killing hundreds of fowl, and dogs, cats and pigs in an effort to contain the spread of the deadly h5n1 strain of bird flu. The move came after the country confirmed its

Researchers have developed what could be used as an effective preventive drug against bird flu. In a study published online in the website of the journal Respiratory Research, researchers have

a team of us poultry scientists has found that glycerin, a high-volume by-product of biodiesel production, could be used as a feed additive for broiler chicken. The study by the Center of

Farmers await compensation

Taej Mundkur, an expert on migratory birds, tells Padmaparna Ghosh that bird flu spreads through respiratory route , and not just the faecal route. Mundkur is on the scientific committee of bird flu of the Food and Agriculture Organization FAO