Rome meet says poultry and unregulated trade cause spread of avian flu

short of gunnybags: The shortage of gunny bags at government wheat procurement centres in several districts of Pakistan has forced farmers to sell their produce to private buyers below the support

Poultry farmers looking down wrong end of the barrel

restoring lost and degraded wetlands could reduce the threat of bird flu pandemics, claims a study commissioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (unep).

Bird flu resurfaces, exposes weakness of testing system

flu attacks: Tests have confirmed bird flu cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan, reports the BBC. The virus has been detected in chickens in two farms in north-west Pakistan which have now been sealed

Biosecurity system proposed

smoke threat: Public health in Meherpur district of Bangladesh is at high risk from heavy vehicular emissions due to the use of adulterated fuel. Cases of respiratory and cardiac diseases have

Is influenza afflicting government?

Household poultry gets a raw deal