January 3, and all is not well in Hong Kong. With four people dead, and

Till the time researchers come up with an effective vaccine against A (H5N1), prevention is the only way to avoid the deadly virus. Beyond that, early recognition of infection and specific

A new strain of influenza virus transmitted to humans from chicken is causing panic in Southeast Asia

researchers in England are attempting to herd a flock of ducks with a robot. Researchers from the Silsoe Research Institute and Oxford University Computing Laboratory have chosen ducks in the test

Air quality in poultry farms in Europe suffers badly due to ammonia from chicken droppings

THE erstwhile -cold war between, the us and Russia seems to have given way to a war over chickens! If a threatened Russian poultry ban takes effect, yankee chickens may no longer be welcome in

Silk industry wastes containing large quantities of waste pupae can be used as poultry feed, according to researchers of the Department of Chemistry, Cotton College, Guwahati. The scientists have

PAKISTANIS are cutting down on eating beef and are moving towards chicken. Although chicken was previously considered a luxury dish, the growth of the poultry industry has led to a major slash in

Two video films portray the extremes to which humans go in dealing with other life forms to satisfy their needs.

Which schoolchild looks forward to a class in geography where the exciting topic of stars and constellations is reduced to dull discussions, books and a plastic globe? It was perhaps with this in