Navapur has 52 poultry farms with a total fowl population of approximately 1,400,000 (almost 1,100,000 chicken are provided by Venkateshwara Hatcheries) and a daily turnover of Rs 12-13 lakh.

India Development Foundation funded by the British High Commission, carried out this study on challenges to investments and trade in five sectors of agri-business in India - dairy, horticulture, oilseeds, wheat milling, and poultry. This report attempts at answering some questions and showcases some successful cases where players in select sectors have met with success.

Is an avian flu pandemic imminent? As panic sends the world into a flutter, the Indian response still struggles to take wing, discover padmaparna ghosh and t v jayan

The Indian poultry industry is deeply segmented.

Antimicrobial compounds are commonly included in poultry diets for promoting of growth and control of diseases. The European Union banned feed grade antibiotic growth promoters, due to, not only cross-resistance, but also to the risk of possible drugs multiple resistances in human pathogenic bacteria. Only two such drug-related compounds are planned to remain in use (Gill, 1999; Bach Knudsen, 2001; Schwarz et al., 2001; Shane, 2001). Feeds containing no chemical additives are increasingly used in poultry nutrition.

as much as 60 per cent of chicken genes correspond to those in humans, according to scientists who prepared the first avian genetic map

...From analysis of chicken genome:

This report focuses on the exchanges of livestock and poultry breeds and their genetic materials between developed countries (

Traditional knowledge still aids poultry farmers of India

Seven eminent virologists discuss the implications with Down To Earth