Even as India is trying to build a firewall to block out the bird flu virus, the first likely case of the deadly pathogen s human to human transmission has surfaced in Vietnam. Two siblings in Hanoi are suspected to have contracted the disease from their

Bird flu cases soaring in Vietnam

An in vivo experiment was conducted to study the potential prebiotic effects of mushroom and herb polysaccharide extracts, Lentinus edodes extract (LenE), Tremella fuciformis extract, and Astragalus membranaceus Radix extract, on chicken growth and the cecal microbial ecosystem, as compared with the antibiotic Apramycin (APR). This investigation was carried out in terms of a dose-response study. The chickens were naturally infected with avian Mycoplasma gallisepticum prior to the experiment.

Another reason for not giving excess antibiotics to farm animals

Mozambique's poultry industry is reeling under a deluge of cheap imports. Domestic farmers are unable to compete with low-priced products from countries such as South Africa, Brazil and Argentina.

poultry farms across north India are facing a mysterious viral disease. As many as two million birds have fallen prey to the illness and the economic loss has already mounted to more than Rs 60 crore. Even as the authorities final diagnosis is long overd

This report provides detailed data of the seventeenth livestock census. It consists of twenty-nine sub reoirts i.e. one all India, twenty eight state reports and one report covering all UTs. Each report provides corresponding data of livestock, poultry, fishery and agricultural implements further divided into rural/urban and total.

Officials in Hong Kong have completed their slaughtering operation to contain the spread to a flu caused by the H5N1 strain of avian influenza virus. At least 1.4 million birds were slaughtered

Poultry feathers can be used to manufacture products ranging from paper to high quality feed

Doctors in Hong Kong have recen