Tax on recycled plastic


Waste Pickers Rights Chintan

All recycling in India is undertaken by (and via) the informal sector. This sector includes waste-pickers, small middlemen, transporters, larger middlemen and finally, reprocessors. These self-employed people play a very important role in urban waste management as they provide a service which the urban municipalities cannot provide given their current institutional framework.

Urban India is likely to face a massive waste disposal problem in the coming years. Traditionally, the problem of waste has been seen simply as one of cleaning and disposing. But a closer look at the current and future scenarios reveals that waste needs to be treated holistically, recognising its natural resources roots as well as its health impacts.

It is time we examined the whole issue of packaging, plastics and recycling

The cleaning force of every country has an indispensable worker, the rag picker. But the health and safety of this person is conveniently ignored

From barefoot ragpickers to rich kabariwallahs moving about in cars, the country's waste recycling industry caters to countless Indians.An attractive business proposition that most people choose to overlook, scrap Is even being imported now

There has been a spurt in the dernand for recycled paper

THE GROWTH of the Self Employed Women's Association (SEWA) is an inspiring story of an unique organisation combining within its ambit labour unions, workers' cooperatives, and a bank. Its