This compilation examines the impact of the global economic crisis on informal sector workers in India and is part of a series of studies that UNDP India has commissioned. Herein, the focus is on daily waste labour, majority of whom are poor, uncounted and invisible, lack assets, are poorly educated and possess no legitimate employment-related documents.

TWO months ago, a fleet of hydraulic trucks of a private company started collecting garbage from homes in many areas of Nagpur. The trucks transport the garbage directly to the landfill site managed by another private company. This privatization of garbage collection has alarmed some 5,000 ragpickers who earn their living by rummaging through the city

PIL filed in the High Court of Gujarat in the matter of Swashrayi Mahila Seva Sangh (SEWA) Vs Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation & Others. SEWA files Public Interest Litigation to appoint a High Powered Committee to frame a policy and mandatory rules for preserving and enhancing employment of waste pickers all over India. This can be done by integrating them into city and solid waste management policies with special reference to the right to work and life of women as well as the Valmiki and Dalit community.

In garbage dumps on the eastern outskirts of Delhi, Ravleen Kaur unearths an extortion racket that runs on a lapsed contract This is not what I had in mind when I signed up for journalism. I had dreams of becoming a war correspondent and cover conflicts in, say, Afghanistan. But here I was, trudging through garbage, looking for a story. From the smoke of a garbage dump, I can tell what

They work in our interest we have heard a great deal in recent years about the demand-supply chasm in India


Because the primary resource, apart from land, is people. Ragpickers are human resource it is not easy to determine the amount of garbage India produces. No large corporations see business opportunities in it, political parties do not see votes in it, the media does not see stories in it. Stands to reason the Planning Commission has not proposed a grand plan to make India the world

Recyclers at a landfill in east Delhi get candid with Lavanya Ramaiah on what it takes to be a true professional. The photographs are from a recent exhibition by Enrico Fabian /* All Styles Optional */ * { font-family

New Delhi: In a desperate attempt to have the ban on plastic bags revoked, the plastic lobby has now proposed that they be authorized for collecting and recycling plastic waste from households on a door-to-door collection basis.

In a non-descript slum in Jahangirpuri, the hair you throw into your bathroom bin transforms into wigs for idols, and the toys you dispose of make their way into second-hand markets.