Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah on Thursday reiterated the necessity of preserving State's unique bio-environment and natural beauty. He said while promoting tourism and opening new areas for tourist interests this aspect should receive focused attention.
Laying stress on balanced growth of tourism for enhancing economic activities and creating job facilities, the Chief Minister said "we should equally concentrate on maintenance, preservation and conservation of the eco-system, culture and heritage of the State under all circumstances".


concerns over a possible attack of Ug99 on wheat crops in Pakistan is soaring high. But officials in the country have said the globetrotting infectious wheat fungus has not reached croplands there.

Polio resurfaces in Pakistan: Efforts to eradicate polio appear to have taken a blow following confirmation of a third case in Pakistan's Sindh Province this year. The disease was confirmed in a

Beijing: Two Chinese companies

afghan debt relief

Mobile alert Cellular companies in Pakistan have turned a deaf ear to the Sindh government's April 5 directive seeking them to shift base stations' antennas and mobile phone towers outside

the European Union (eu) banned 11 Pakistani export firms from exporting seafood to eu countries in February citing unhealthy and unhygienic conditions at Karachi port in Sindh province. This is the

the struggle against the callous industrialists who dumped toxic chemical waste on two plots in the Sindh Industrial Trading Estate (site) in Karachi, resulting in the death of a child and serious

Rules for disposing toxins