concerns over a possible attack of Ug99 on wheat crops in Pakistan is soaring high. But officials in the country have said the globetrotting infectious wheat fungus has not reached croplands there.

H5N1, the lethal avian influenza virus strain, was first reported in 1996 in China. The virus was transmitted to humans during an outbreak in 1997 in Hong Kong. Nineteen people were affected. Since

Pakistan s air pollution levels on the rise

Contamination of drinking water by sewage

Experts blame 2003 oil spill, foreign trawlers

Pakistan exporters suffer

The Economic Coordination Committee of the federal cabinet of Pakistan approved the proposal of the Diamond Bar Island City in October 2006. The project, to be built on the 4,856-hectacre (ha) Buddo and Bundal islands located off the southwestern tip of Karachi coast, is facing stiff resistance because it poses an environmental threat to marine life and the mangroves, besides being a livelihood issue for the fisherfolk.

Pakistan feels the heat of toxicity