Danny Goodman / New Delhi May 01, 2009, 0:50 IST

Bangalore-based Reva Electric Car Company (RECC), two-wheeler maker Bajaj Auto and Tata Motors are finalising plans to launch electric vehicles in Europe and the US to take advantage of subsidies these countries are offering as part of their environmental agendas.

Vidya Venkat

An electric car owner will not have to worry about the price of petrol and may save more on-road cost as against a petrol-run vehicle.

John Doerr spoke in a quiet, deliberate voice.

Delhi is a city so crazy about cars that it puts some 270,000 new ones on its streets each year. In Lajpat Nagar you will find hardcore worshippers of combustion engines. There are families that own two and three cars with a scooter and a motorcycle thrown in for good measure. It is here that the Reva, the world's most popular electric car, has finally made a full-fledged debut in its flamboyant colours. The Reva has at least a thousand takers in London and is getting noticed and picked up in other environmentally conscious cities of Europe where it has been test marketed.

Amidst a riot of colours, Mumbai

India's electric car Reva sets the wheels in motion in climate-conscious UK