About 700 churches have been closed down in Rwanda for failing to comply with building regulations and for noise pollution.

The Rwanda Energy Group (REG) recently made progress in its ambitious target to add more consumers to the national grid by connecting a total of 400 homes including healthcare centres in Rushango D

Members from a total of 400 households along with staff and patients of Nyarurama Health Center in Nyarurama village, Ntongwe sector in Ruhango District on Friday 23 were celebrating as they all go

Cases of medical negligence have increased sharply in the past few years, raising concern about the level of professionalism in the country’s medical sector.

The Rwandan government is hiring a consulting firm to help in gathering data on ground water reserves in the drought-prone Eastern Province.

Some 27. 5 million people are in dire need of food aid in 10 African countries due to drought, officials announced last week.

The Albertine Rift in East Africa is home to more than 500 species of plants and animals found nowhere else on the planet.

A new variety of highly productive banana plants will be distributed to farmers starting next month in a bid to improve banana production and fight disease in one of the priority crops in the count

Rwanda is making arrangements to deliver food assistance to support more than 3,000 families in the Eastern Province who need urgent assistance to combat the worst effects of a prolonged drought.

Dar es Salaam — Tanzanians can now expect to live longer than estimations reported two years ago, a new study has shown.