A nation stands divided over the government s proposal to lift the ban on non iodised salt

SELLING uniodised salt is an illegal act in India. But making and selling common salt will be the feature of a nationwide protest against the recent steep rise in the prices of vegetables and salt,

To eat or not to eat is not the question, says a critic of 'low salt' theory

The brackish water nourishing Bangladesh's Sundarbans supports a refuge for rare species, but their drinking grounds are getting saline and the world's largest mangrove forest "Sunderbans' is

The Gujarat High Court, has directed the joint

The consumption of salt is currently being blamed for several health problems like high blood pressure and heart ailments that follow. Even though salt is bad for human health, the same may not be the case for many species in the animal world, as h

Letter to deputy forest protector, East Kutch forest department to the Kutch collector on matter pertaining allocation of land located at Mudra Taluka, Kutch District on rent to Adani Chemicals Ltd, for the production of salt.

In much of the US east coast north of Washington, a salt shortage is compounding a wretched winter. Rock salt, which is dumped by the tonne on roads to prevent the formation of ice, is now in great

In earlier times, a mixture of salt, herbs and spices or a simple dose of salt by itself was considered a prime cure for a range of illnesses.

"Why shouldn't salt-making be classed as agriculture?' asks R Potharaju. "Both require land, water and sunshine, and are subject to vagaries of nature,' he reasons. Potharaju is convenor of the