Among several salt lakes in the Thar Desert of western India, the Sambhar is the largest lake producing about 2 9 105 tons of salt (NaCl) annually.

The Lahore High Court directed the Federal and Punjab health department and Jamia Ashrafia to submit their replies by June 27 in a petition challenging the use of unhealthy salts in making of chips commonly sold in the market. The petitioner Qari Sanaullah has questioned the fatwa given by Jamia Ashrafia declaring the use of the said salt by chips manufacturing company.

Two mine workers were killed while another received serious injuries when a boulder of salt fell on them at Golewali salt mines on Sunday. According to police, Imran, Riaz and Muhammad Sadiq were busy in their routine work in salt mine when all of sudden a boulder of salt fell upon them. As a result Imran and Riaz died on the spot while Sadiq received serious injuries.

To eliminate iodine deficiency, India needs to adopt an alternative approach and use a different set of agents to achieve universal salt iodisation.

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The Little Rann of Kutch contributes about 60 per cent of the salt manufactured in the country. But Gujarat

In the coastal community of Chabihau, Yucatan, Mexico, hurricanes Gilbert (1988) and Isidore (2002) opened breaches in the coastal dune. The government modified these breaches with a floodgate, channels, and bridges, allowing tidal influx that has transformed the swamp ecosystem into a coastal lagoon.

Sub-surface pipes and bio-drainage are helping revive water-logged and saline land

Sub-surface pipes and bio-drainage are helping revive lakhs of acres of water-logged and saline land.

Pilot project has helped producers boost their output, profits

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A unique project: International experts watching a crusher-cum-salt iodisation machine provided to small salt producers at Nawa under a UN World Food Programme-sponsored project.


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Ahmedabad: Salinity has ingressed up to 12 km from the coast in Gujarat. Over 2,500 coastal villages in the state are partially or fully affected by salinity. Residents find it hard to get drinking water and farmers can

The Sambhar Salt Lake hydrological system, including river waters, groundwaters, evaporating pans and sub-surface brines, has been analyzed for the salt content (TDS) and naturally occurring radionuclides (210Po, 210Pb and 226,228Ra).