It is a mechanism for monitoring, tracking and labelling timber, wood and pulp products and non-timber forest products

Red Sander (RS) is an endangered timber tree species, endemic to southern India. It grows in fragmented forest landscape of southern Andhra Pradesh and in a few sporadic patches in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. The Andhra Pradesh Sandalwood and Red-Sanders Wood Transit Rules, 1969 laid down the following conditions for Import, Export and Movement. By bringing awareness and controlling the smuggling the valuable plant can be saved and business can be done.

Queensland National Parks Minister Steve Dickson has consistently ruled out logging in “pristine” national parks. But which parks are considered pristine is yet to be defined.

Measures to prevent illegally harvested timber from entering the European Union come into force on Sunday.

The number of companies voluntarily disclosing their forest footprint has increased by almost 15% compared to last year, according to a report.

SOME of the richest and most biodiverse forests in Indonesia will soon be opened up for commercial exploitation under a plan drafted by the new government of Aceh.

The MoEF committee chaired by A K Bansal on regulatory regime regarding felling and transit regulations for tree species grown on non forests/ private lands calls for simple uniform mechanisms to regulate the transit rules of forest produce within the state.

Long-running native forest peace talks in Tasmania are again nearing a deal after collapsing last month.

The future of Tasmania's biggest surviving native timber processor is in doubt after the state's marathon forest peace talks collapsed on the weekend.

Officials in Democratic Republic of Congo are colluding with foreign logging firms to support illegal logging, harming local communities and risking the destruction of the world's second largest fo