In the wake of the signing of a forest conservation agreement between the Government of Liberia and the European Union through the Government of Norway, where the country stands to benefit US$150 m

The Liberia Timber Union Association or LTA has strongly rejected a US$150m forest deal recently signed between Liberia and Norway, demanding a public debate on the letter of intent.

Tesco, M&S, Homebase and Sky are among a coalition of big businesses that have signed up to a new WWF-UK commitment to use 100% sustainable timber by 2020.

Forestry: If the country harvested timber like it did in the last five years, the country would go barren, forestry officials warn.

The Tasmanian Liberal government has succeeded in unwinding key parts of the peace deal to end the state's forest wars.

The Tasmanian government is on course to pass legislation that would tear up the state’s forestry peace deal, with environmentalists claiming the move will open up 1.5m hectares of largely pristine

A new policy by the Himachal Pradesh Government to allot trees, instead of timber or wood, at subsidised rates for constructing or repairing houses has streamlined the process in the State, an offi

The accelerated and unsustainable exploitation of the Earth's primary natural resources has become a major threat to apes in Africa and Asia, a major United Nations environment conference heard Wed

Environmentalists scored a victory in their long battle to prevent timber companies from undertaking logging in some of Australia's most pristine forests.

Meghalaya frames guidelines 18 years after Supreme Court ban on timber felling