One quarter of Liberian land has been sold to logging companies in just two years, threatening the country with widespread devastation, according to a report.

PAPUA New Guinea's former Somare government introduced a controversial concession that allegedly accelerated deforestation of its tropical forests and gave away a potential $US23 billion in carbon-

For years the Solomon Islands has been the scene of vastly unsustainable logging practices, now experts are predicting the demise of the country's natural timber industry possibly as early as 2015.

TASMANIA'S marathon forest peace talks reach their deadline today with Premier Lara Giddings optimistic an agreement will be reached.

Odisha expects to get additional revenue of Rs 1000 crore from the proposed forest development tax (FDT). The FDT is set to be levied at the rate of 15 per cent on sale value of minerals raised on forest land.

"The finalization of FDT will need an inter-departmental consultative process involving the departments of forest & environment, steel & mines and law. The FDT Act has to be amended. There is a possibility of showing minerals raised from forest land as non-forest produce as 200 out of 600 mining leases have a mix of forest and non-forest land. A mechanism has to be worked out to check this”,

Balancing forest harvesting and restoration is critical for forest ecosystem management. In this study, we used LANDIS, a spatially explicit forest landscape model, to evaluate the effects of 21 alternative forest management initiatives which were drafted for forests in the upstream region of the Hun River in northeastern China.

The Amazon is a globally important system, providing a host of ecosystem services from climate regulation to food sources. It is also home to a quarter of all global diversity. Large swathes of forest are removed each year, and many models have attempted to predict the spatial patterns of this forest loss. The spatial patterns of deforestation are determined largely by the patterns of roads that open access to frontier areas and expansion of the road network in the Amazon is largely determined by profit seeking logging activities.

Early next month, the Obama administration will finalize important and long overdue rules for the management of 155 national forests covering nearly 200 million acres.

As timber concessions in Central Africa open remote areas to hunting activities, methods for monitoring and measuring wildlife populations bear review.

Century-old teak plantation business loses ground in India because of poor management and short-sighted policies.