Balancing forest harvesting and restoration is critical for forest ecosystem management. In this study, we used LANDIS, a spatially explicit forest landscape model, to evaluate the effects of 21 alternative forest management initiatives which were drafted for forests in the upstream region of the Hun River in northeastern China.

The Amazon is a globally important system, providing a host of ecosystem services from climate regulation to food sources. It is also home to a quarter of all global diversity. Large swathes of forest are removed each year, and many models have attempted to predict the spatial patterns of this forest loss. The spatial patterns of deforestation are determined largely by the patterns of roads that open access to frontier areas and expansion of the road network in the Amazon is largely determined by profit seeking logging activities.

Early next month, the Obama administration will finalize important and long overdue rules for the management of 155 national forests covering nearly 200 million acres.

As timber concessions in Central Africa open remote areas to hunting activities, methods for monitoring and measuring wildlife populations bear review.

Century-old teak plantation business loses ground in India because of poor management and short-sighted policies.

Shimla: The state Cabinet today gave nod for reopening of 255 timber depots, including 57 dealing only in imported timber, which were closed over the past four years on a need basis.

To make sandalwood cultivation viable for farmers, the ruling BJP Government in Karnataka is proposing to amend the Tree Act.

According to State Forest Minister CH Vijayshankar, the proposed amendment is aimed at allowing farmers to grow sandalwood tree in their farms, own and sell them at the market price.

The greatest threat to the northern spotted owl, an imperiled bird at the center of a decades-old environmental clash in the Pacific Northwest, is no longer the timber industry -- it's another owl.

The federal government says it plans to launch a program to kill or otherwise remove hundreds of barred owls -- originally from the East Coast -- that are overtaking the spotted owl's natural range i

Most products sourced from tropical timber destroy the forest – and a sustainability logo may not be a reliable guide for your green conscience. While a report this week celebrates a 50 per cent increase in the area of tropical forests that are sustainably managed, other studies suggest this assessment is open to question.

Slowing deforestation and greater awareness of the value of standing trees may come too late to save the world's biggest rainforests, according to a global assessment of tropical forests published Tuesday.

Tropical forests are threatened by pressures to clear land to produce food and biofuels and to plant fast-growing trees for timber, wood fuel and paper.

Awareness was growing in tropical c