Japan, the world’s fourth-largest buyer of timber products, needs to introduce laws and stricter oversight to stamp out imports of illegally logged wood, said the Environmental Investigation Agency

Forestry authorities in China have stopped commercial logging in the nation's largest forest area, marking an end to more than a half-century of intensive deforestation that removed an estimated 60

It is an inconvenient truth that the poorest people in India live in the country's richest forests. The management of this green wealth has not brought any benefits to the locals

Plan to roll back hard-won protection branded 'fundamentally irresponsible' by Wilderness Society

To encourage agro-forestry and industrial units based on wood, six modern timber markets will be set up in Punjab, stated Forest and Wildlife and Labour Minister Chunni Lal Bhagat, who was in the t

The draft document to amend the timber distribution policy proposes to allot standing trees instead of converted timber to right holders.

The draft amendments in the Himachal Pradesh Forest (Timber Distribution to the Right Holders) Rules approved by the Cabinet today provides for grant of 7 cubic metre of standing volume of trees to right holders for construction of house once in 15 years. In the existing rules, a right holder is entitled to 3 cubic metre of converted timber once in 30 years.

It is a mechanism for monitoring, tracking and labelling timber, wood and pulp products and non-timber forest products

Red Sander (RS) is an endangered timber tree species, endemic to southern India. It grows in fragmented forest landscape of southern Andhra Pradesh and in a few sporadic patches in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states. The Andhra Pradesh Sandalwood and Red-Sanders Wood Transit Rules, 1969 laid down the following conditions for Import, Export and Movement. By bringing awareness and controlling the smuggling the valuable plant can be saved and business can be done.

Queensland National Parks Minister Steve Dickson has consistently ruled out logging in “pristine” national parks. But which parks are considered pristine is yet to be defined.

Measures to prevent illegally harvested timber from entering the European Union come into force on Sunday.