Banks from Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Europe are the biggest financiers of 50 selected forest-risk sector companies in Southeast Asia.

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Banks have financed companies responsible for rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia to the tune of billions of dollars, a study showed Tuesday, and called on lenders to stop "fuelling forest cri

In 1993, the Forest Service began managing for spotted owl habitat, implementing standards intended to reduce logging in owl territories, though cutting trees was still allowed.

Amidst police closing cases against 15 firms recently, fire alerts have been detected on land managed by Asia Pulp & Paper and Asia Pacific Resources International Limited, Indonesia’s first an

No one paid much attention to the gnarled, yellow-blossomed rosewood trees dotted around farmsteads in northern Ivory Coast until Chinese-backed buyers started offering money for the timber.

Regulators with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection approved a timber harvest plan earlier this month that includes the logging of redwood trees that are a century

Cameroon’s timber sector, combined with weak law enforcement, have fueled a surge in illegal logging that is fast depleting the nation's forests, experts warn.

A few moments of relaxation for Chilean logger Nelson Hidalgo were shattered one day last month when 12 armed men piled out of a pick-up truck and demanded he step outside his work-site dining trai


After taking a beating from decades of logging, China's forests have begun to regenerate, but the problem of deforestation might have shifted to other nations exporting wood to the world's most pop