Companies that want to buy Brazilian timber without contributing to illegal deforestation have a new tool to help them ensure stolen wood does not appear in their supply chains - a digital platform

Up to US$906 billion in company turnover depends on commodities that drive the majority of tropical deforestation globally, says environmental non-profit CDP.

An online tool now allows timber traders to verify the sustainability of their purchases from important tropical timber countries such as Brazil and Indonesia.

In May 2014, the Member States of the United Nations adopted Resolution 23/1 on “strengthening a targeted crime prevention and criminal justice response to combat illicit trafficking in forest products, including timber.” The resolution promotes the development of tools and technologies that can be used to combat the illicit trafficking of timber.

Indonesia and the European Union (EU) are stepping up their partnership to combat illegal logging practices by applying the system of wood legalisation for timber exports.

Indonesia will in November become the first country in the world to export wood products to the European Union meeting new environmental standards in a move aimed at bolstering transparency and cur

Banks from Malaysia, China, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore and Europe are the biggest financiers of 50 selected forest-risk sector companies in Southeast Asia.

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Banks have financed companies responsible for rainforest destruction in Southeast Asia to the tune of billions of dollars, a study showed Tuesday, and called on lenders to stop "fuelling forest cri

In 1993, the Forest Service began managing for spotted owl habitat, implementing standards intended to reduce logging in owl territories, though cutting trees was still allowed.

Amidst police closing cases against 15 firms recently, fire alerts have been detected on land managed by Asia Pulp & Paper and Asia Pacific Resources International Limited, Indonesia’s first an