Visakhapatnam: First the intense summer heat led to spread of viral fever in the city and now the continuous rains since Tuesday night have escalated these cases by 10 to 15 per cent.

Mchinji — Typhoid Fever has hit Mchinji district with confirmed cases of at least 18 people who tested positive to the disease.

Typhoid is an important public health challenge for India, especially with the spread of antimicrobial resistance. The decision about whether to introduce a public vaccination programme needs to be based on an understanding of disease burden and the age-groups and geographic areas at risk.

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THE Harare City Council's health department has issued a typhoid alert as the number of confirmed cases has increased from six early this month to 13 this week.

The sporadic cases of typhoid recorded in Harare's Hopley, Glen Norah and Hatfield last week have spread to Budiriro, raising fears of an outbreak, amid scarce resources to control the bacterial in

Enteric fever due to Salmonella Typhi (typhoid fever) occurs in urban areas with poor sanitation. While direct fecal-oral transmission is thought to be the predominant mode of transmission, recent evidence suggests that indirect environmental transmission may also contribute to disease spread.

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GURGAON: Thirty new cases of dengue were recorded in the city in the past two days, taking the total number of cases so far this year to 459 - the worst in the last five years.

Abuja — Prof. Samuel Garba of Federal University of Technology, Minna, will on Thursday receive the Outstanding Medical Research Prize 2015.

This week's issue of PLOS Medicine features two separate studies, each of which investigates the importance of uninterrupted piped water supplies to health outcomes.

Syria's water network, heavily damaged by bombs and shelling, is at risk of collapse as its civil war drags on, increasing the threat of deadly typhoid or cholera outbreaks, the International Commi