A book by Adam Rome

The grim picture of a lung scarred by pollution is of no shock value today. An ailing populace continues to throw up a phlegm of protests. To shock the conscience of the country, slowly a body of evidence is emerging studies of the hidden health cost th

Cities without cars, pollution and traffic. A movement is spreading across Europe to drive cars out. People are beginning to say no to cars

From a loose concept to a concrete movement, the idea of the car free city has evolved gradually

Can India ever have car free centres?

this monumental book is a fascinating analysis and documentation of the development of urban sanitation infrastructure in the us . It takes one through an illuminating journey spanning almost 500

a plan of the Italian government to save Venice from sinking will prove to be futile. This was stated by Albert J Ammerman, an American environ

The Supreme Court has admonished the Delhi government for its inability to close polluting industrial units operating in the residential areas of the city. The court has now asked the Union

... a result of a well coordinated city planning system and strong political will

Mass movement The number of mass rapid transit (MRT) stations in Singapore has done away with the need to own a vehicle PARTICULARS PERCENTAGE