Two new amendments to the Constitution promise greater effectiveness in civic administration and urban planning; but is that enough?

Urban planning is not an extension of architecture, but requires the co-ordination of a wide variety of skills and inputs. Most importantly, planning is meaningless unless it is firmly linked to implementation. The planner's best course of action is to set the objectives of his plan, and use these to determine policy initiatives.

I see two objectives for urban planning in India: one, environmental sustainability and two, public participation in this planning

We present results of an empirical investigation and comparison of housing supply in three rapidly growing countries: Malaysia, Thailand, and Korea. These countries offer three contrasting examples of different approaches to development control. Korea has relatively strict control of housing supply. Thailand has little effective regulation of development. Malaysia offers an intermediate case, having adopted in the mid-1970s development control legislation patterned on the British Town and Country Planning Act.

Scientists at Maida's polytechnic college are r6versing the trend of rural upliftment through urban basgd planning

"TELL ME what form of transport you'll use and I'll tell you what your city will look like." This statement by an eminent urban planner sums up the deep relationship between transport modes and urban

INDIA'S entire geography has been covered by aerial photography, but development agencies and town planners cannot use the data because of national security regulations. "Even archival maps are not

This paper outlines a research proposal for a series of investigations into aspects of urban housing which it seems important to understand before formulating an enlarged public housing programme. Studies in the areas outlined here are either scanty or non-existent.

Low-carbon, high-density, mixed land use - Delhi gets set to experiment with its new housing model called Transit Oriented Development. Does it have the potential to uplift the quality of life in the capital? Experts give us the thumbs up or down? Find out.