It costs a fortune to own a car in Singapore

It s all about taming traffic: keeping a tab on the number of vehicles on the road, and promoting public transport. Singapore, one of the smallest but richest Asian cities, has mastered this art. From being one of the most polluted Asian cities three deca

Auroville, or the city of dawn , is a unique township located in a predominantly rural district of Villupuram in Tamil Nadu. At the time of its establishment in 1968, the area was barren and deforested. Three decades later, the Auroville community has tr

Bad urban planning and a corrupt administration means fires will continue to claim lives in Delhi

THE race of turning the urban areas of Nagaland into a concrete jungle with no attention to effective and proper planning has emerged as a major cause for concern in this tiny Indian hill state. A

Today environmental pollution has assumed serious proportions and become a big problem because the built-in balance has been disturbed by the industrialization and the philosophy of conquest of nature through exploration and exploitation of natural resources by man to the advantage of mankind. This report contains the Environmental status of Jaipur city, Rajasthan, India.

The transportation modes in Indian cities are multifarious with varying capacity and widely varying sizes and speeds.

In their rush to meet the housing requirements of cities, planners are turning a blind eye to the quality of the built environment

Special regulations for development of tourist resorts/holiday homes/township in hill station type areas.

Two new amendments to the Constitution promise greater effectiveness in civic administration and urban planning; but is that enough?