The Maharashtra government has extended the transfer of development rights instrument

on march 19, Maharashtra increased the floor space index (fsi) ratio in Mumbai's suburbs. State finance minister Jayant Patil said the new fsi will be 1.33. Earlier the figure was one. The

PM, Montek Sound Stern Action, Cos Deny Cartelization, Blame Input Cost As rising steel prices are fuelling inflation in a major way, PM Manmohan Singh on Tuesday warned the domestic steel industry, saying it should not take advantage of global surge in steel prices. He said steel companies should not take advantage of global market manipulations and go for short term windfall gains, which in turn put upward pressure on prices.

the majestic image you see on the right is going to fade away. The Crawford market in south Mumbai is going to be "redeveloped'. On March 10, amid strong protests from heritage activists, majority

Letter to the Chief Planner, Lavasa Corporation Limited from Nandkishor Patil, Undersecretary to Govt on Lavasa Hill Station dated 07/04/2008.

Multiplicity of imagining cities is the core concern of this paper. Multiple images and arenas have shaped Indian cities. It is argued that the present city is being influenced by the global styles of architecture, urban design and technologies.

Dunu Roy director of the Hazards Centre has been locked in combat with some vocal representatives of resident welfare associations (RWAs) over their right to shape plans for Delhi's future. The clash has taken place in cyberspace, with furious emails flying back and forth following the Delhi state government's proposal to give RWAs the right to be consulted on plans, suggest modifications and perhaps even veto those plans that they find inconvenient. April 2008

Zarqa City faces a major problem in its urban planning and design. Four main obstacles surround the city. From the north the location of heavy industry such as the Jordanian Refinery, the thermal plant for producing electricity and the purification unit to treat the wastes of the capital Amman and Zarqa are situated.

Cleaning The River By 2010 Is A Tall Order, Environmentalists Sceptical Of Govt Claims.

The government today passed a bill defining a "township' to prevent "mushrooming of buildings' without infrastructure.