Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano was hit by a magnitude 5.7 earthquake on Tuesday morning, the largest since tremors began in the area last week.

Iceland is monitoring rumbling at the Bardarbunga volcano for a second week after it yesterday retracted an announcement of an eruption and eased a warning to airlines over a possible ash plume.

Iceland's civil protection agency has decided to evacuate an area north of the country's Bardarbunga volcano, saying it could not rule out an eruption.

The steam and heat from volcanoes allowed species of plants and animals to survive past ice ages, a study showed Tuesday, offering help for scientists dealing with climate change.

Indonesia's Mount Sinabung volcano erupted and killed at least 11 people on the western island of Sumatra on Saturday, the first time it is known to have claimed any lives, a senior government offi

The death toll from an Indonesian volcano that has been rumbling for months rose to 16 today after rescuers found another charred corpse and a critically injured college student died in a hospital,

Mimicking Cooling Effects Of Volcanic Eruptions Will Lead To Climate Chaos: Study

A controversial proposal to cool the planet artificially by injecting tiny reflective particles into the upper atmosphere which block out sunlight would cause droughts and climate chaos in the poorest countries of the world, a study has found. One of the plans to “geoengineer” the global climate would in effect create another climate catastrophe, according to a computer model of the plan.

A volcano in eastern El Salvador belched more ash and gases on Monday after a big eruption on Sunday that drove more than 1,600 people into emergency shelters.

Climate change has not been strongly influenced by variations in heat from the sun, a scientific study has indicated.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh carried out the study using records of past temperatures constructed with data from tree rings and other historical sources. They compared this data record with computer-based models of past climate, featuring both significant and minor changes in the Sun.

Indonesia ordered the evacuation of 15,000 residents near an active volcano in the west of the vast archipelago on Sunday as authorities raised the alert for the emergency to the highest level.