Global trends point to a relative decoupling of water – that is, the rate of water resource use is increasing at a rate slower than that of economic growth.

DEHRADUN: In a bid to end irregularities in water bills in the city, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) is planning to install water meters across Dehradun.

Residents of Flint, Michigan, one of the poorest cities in the United States, paid some of the nation's highest water bills even as the city failed to treat drinking water properly, leading to lead

Scheme hasn't encouraged illegal users to switch to paid connections

This report by the Measure What Matters team examines the current state of corporate and government reporting of water sustainability in India. Businesses, governments and global-level actors all gather data on water resources.

Ghana's utility regulator increased tariffs for electricity and water by up to 89 percent on Monday in a renewed bid to attract competitive private investment to the sector as the West African nati

The government has proposed setting up of an independent water regulatory authority and amendments to the Goa Ground Water Regulation Act, 2002 and Goa Irrigation Act, 1973 to manage and regulate utilisation of water resources in the state.

If you haven't installed the rainwater-harvesting unit at your house yet, then cough up a huge penalty from December.

The OECD released the Environment at a Glance 2015. This report updates key environmental indicators and relevant socio-economic and sectoral indicators to track OECD country progress on major environmental issues since 2000 and inform policy development and evaluation.

The Odisha Government has made installation of flow meters mandatory not only for industrial and commercial establishments for withdrawal of water from Government sources but also for the municipal bodies.