Based on extensive empirical and analytical research, this collection brings together A. Vaidyanathan's recent work on water resources management in India in a multidisciplinary perspective. The volume discusses the agro-climatic context, irrigation and agricultural technology, legal-institutional arrangements, and the economic environment.

The unplanned sector of India

World Water Week

Revised water rates for Delhi

People who understand water management will tell you that India is a traditional water economy and that it has to make the transition to a modern water economy. In other words, the water sector has to become part of the formalised economy. As with any feel-right challenge, this is normally accepted to be true.

Delhi s long overdue water price hike

An answer to this question was attempted at a workshop organised in Hyderabad, from September 23 24, 2003, by the Administrative Staff College of India ASCI and Water and Sanitation Program WSP South Asia

In this Short Film we did show that, "how the quantity of water decreases by time if we do not stop global warming". The cost of water will increase if quantity will decrease. One day no one will get the water! Not even in exchange of money!