CHENNAI: A few residential apartment complexes in the city with metered water connections continue to pay charges according to the old billing system even a year after Chennai Metrowater switched over to a new billing system such customers.

The historical city of Gwalior, along with three other cities in Madhya Pradesh

Addressing China's Water Scarcity addresses the emerging water
crisis and the need for China to reform and strengthen its water
resource management framework. It covers key issues including
water governance, water rights, water pricing and affordability,
watershed ecological compensation, water pollution control, and
emergency prevention, and it identifies the measures needed to

For most of the year, the residents of Bundelkhand experience acute scarcity of water for agricultural and domestic use. Water sources are varied and often seasonal, ranging from ponds, tanks, lakes and streams to open wells, bore wells and irrigation canals radiating out from large-scale dams. Most agriculture is of the single-crop variety and rain fed, with supplementary water from open wells.

This report provides an up-to-date assessment of water resources across Europe with the key objectives of: describing spatial patterns and trends in water availability and abstraction, identifying those regions subject to the greatest water stress and the detrimental impacts that ensue; increasing awareness of the challenges of water scarcity and drought and the need for a fundamental shift to a

China's water and energy price reform began in the late 1978 after running large-scale interventions in pricing system for long time then has a gradually deep influence on consumer's behaviors. The main objective of this paper is to empirically examine Chinese consumer reactions as a response to the introductions of pricing reform for water and energy resource.

Mysore prepares to receive 24x7 water supply GIRIJAMMA A R lives with her family of five in a middle class locality in Mysore. Last month she paid the municipality Rs 240 for 82,000 litres water consumed over a period of two months. This amount may rise to Rs 350 per month in four years when the 900,000 residents of the city including Girijamma start getting 24x7 water supply.

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food safety China lists illegal additives China has come out with its first official compilation of 17 illegal food additives used in the country. The banned substances include boric acid, commonly used as an insecticide but also mixed with noodles and meatballs to increase elasticity, and industrial formaldehyde, used in making soap and drains cleaner but also used as a common

Water: A Global Innovation Outlook Report, is a comprehensive treatment of the challenges and opportunities inherent in modern day management of global water systems. This GIO report takes a hard look at the difficulties society is having managing the most precious resource on earth.