Large cities in China are facing serious problems associated with deterioration of water environments that has accompanied rapid economic growth. This paper discusses a case study of the situation of the city of Xi'an and the potential for improving infrastructure and transferring water rights between sectors for water conservation and mutual benefit.

Recently, many people use automobiles more than necessary. In local cities especially, the modal share of automobiles is overwhelmingly high. Furthermore, such cities are becoming automobile-dependent. It is necessary to restrain this tendency in consideration of future social needs. For this study, the authors conducted a questionnaire survey of Toyota city residents related to daily traffic.

In this study, the authors developed a simulation model to evaluate the life-cycle cost (LCC) and life-cycle CO2 (LCCO2) in a municipal solid waste (MSW) management system by taking into account the construction/renewal and maintenance patterns of MSW treatment facilities from mid or long term perspective.

The objections of residents over the construction and operation of waste incineration facilities has strongly influenced waste management practices in Seoul, Korea. It was found that people's impressions depended on their perception of associated risks as well as the information provided by the government.

This study deals with the effects of grass buffer strips using Ophiopogon japonicus on reducing soil and nitrogen losses from fertilized plots and the evaluation of the trapping characteristics under different depth of surface water gathered.

China's rapid economic growth has been causing shortage of water resources in the North China and also has been leading to shortage of power in the coastal areas of East China. Therefore it began to execute the water right transfer policy from the agricultural sector to the power generation industry. In North China, power production mostly uses the coal.

The relationship among mammal assemblages, site age and vegetation structure was assessed along three conservation corridors that were created to link national parks to the wet tropics World Heritage Area of North Queensland, Australia.

The present study examined the relationship between urban land use and car transportation. The results derived from applications of the structural equations modeling revealed that suburbanization directly caused a proportional increase in car ownership and construction of roads, and in turn, indirectly increased the carbon dioxide emissions from cars.

The purpose of this paper is to examine the most appropriate wild boar hunting methods by considering the current and future situations in Japan.

Net primary production (NPP) in the Yellow River Basin, China, during 1982-1999 was estimated with the CASA model using satellite data. The yearly NPP (NPPt) tended to increase during 1982-1999 throughout the Yellow River Basin. A large mean annual NPP for each grid cell was indicated in both the upper and lower reaches, and a low value was indicated in the middle reaches.