The United Arab Emirates is no stranger to grabbing the headlines when it comes to construction. From the world

As a pioneer in sustainable development, Singapore has been approached by the World Bank to provide technical assistance on urban planning in neighbouring countries. Vicente Carbona analyses Singapore

Toronto is aiming for an impressive three to five percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through the implementation of one programme

Environmentally friendly construction is not just a fad perpetrated by eco activists; it saves money, creates jobs and improves the quality of life for residents who live in green buildings, as well as slashing greenhouse gas emissions. Green building offers a viable solution to help combat climate change because projects do not only focus on using renewable energy, but

The historical city of Gwalior, along with three other cities in Madhya Pradesh

Integrating gender into climate change policy at the local, national and international levels is of paramount importance. Here Lucia Kiwala, Chief of UN-HABITAT

UN-HABITAT has an important role in supporting institutions, professionals and the private sector in the housing and construction sector to mitigate climate change, writes Mohamed El Sioufi, Head of UN-HABITAT

Along with all the development problems confronting African cities, they are under-resourced and ill prepared to cope with the hazards of Global Environment Change (GEC). Here leading experts, David Simon and Cheikh Gu

The Clinton Climate Initiative says that cities produce 80 percent of the world

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